Virendra Kumar's unmatched collection of Indian art is now on view
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Stellar Souzas
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Time and the Connoisseur
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Timeless symphony: Must-see display of exquisite paintings by Sohan Qadri, a yogi who stirs memories
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A Chance to View the Works of Sohan Qadri
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Sohan Qadri, master of tantric art
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The Art of Nothingness
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Sohan Qadri: The reclusive Punjabi artist who had a thing for tantra
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Three cheers to Sohan Qadri's soul-binding spiritualism
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Upcoming exhibition to showcase Sohan Qadri's paintings
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Celebrating the minimalist: Expo of Qadri's works from Jan 20
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Master Strokes
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The Oeuvre of modern Indian Masters
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Tryst with the Masters
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Modern Masters
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Flashes of Brilliance
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Group show of Modern Indian art masters
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Painted Seasons
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Last vestiges of landscape painting
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Visual symphony of seasons
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Gopal Ghose: The rustic explorer of contemporary Indian art
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Gopal Ghose, a mini retrospective
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Rustic Resonance - Striking a chord of bountiful imagination
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Vintage Gopal Ghose at Kumar Gallery
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The real through the imagined
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Prodosh Dasgupta: Poetry in Metal
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Kumar Gallery Presents its Annual Show, Celebration 2011
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Golden oldie
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Poetry in art
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The Monk's Nature Lesson
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Pema Donyo Nyinje's shadows of inner light
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Spiritual Pick
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Speading Dharma through Art
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The Monk who Paints the Foliage
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Tantra in Dots
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On the Dot
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Mystique Frames
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Personal Journey
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Language of Lines
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Point to Infinity
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Celebrating the Moment
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Qadri's 'The Moment'
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Musings of an Artist
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All About Being Abstract
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Truly Artistic
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An Artistic Melange
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Monumental Mix of Classics
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Spiritual Quietude Reflects Contemporary Aesthetics
The Asian Age, 12/12/06
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