The Moment

Sohan Qadri

Oct 26 2007 till Nov 03 2007


Kumar Gallery presents 'The Moment', an exhibition of select works by Sohan Qadri. the moment is nethier mine nor yours it is the moment's. - Sohan Qadri


Kumar Gallery
The Moment


Mystique Frames
Hindustan Times, 10/27/07
On the Dot
The Indian Express, 10/28/07
Tantra in Dots
The Pioneer, 10/30/07
Qadri's 'The Moment'
The Economic Times, 10/21/07
Point to Infinity
The Tribune, 10/24/07
Personal Journey
The Statesman, 10/26/07
Language of Lines
Navbharat Times, 10/26/07
Celebrating the Moment
Mid Day, 10/23/07

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